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Bird by Bird Artist Statement

Birds are well known for their mystery and wonder. They are fertile sources of imagery and are found everywhere in myths, sagas, liturgies and poems. In dream theory they are symbols of the personality of the dreamer.

I paint birds because I like them and the way they infiltrate my world. They are feathered reminders of the wild in my daily life, living their complex lives irrespective of human society.

I'm influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese artists, both in their subtle and meticulous articulation of 2-dimensional compositional space as well as the quiet contemplative atmosphere prevalent in their work.


Nora Charney Rosenbaum lives and paints in Brookline, Massachusetts and is represented by Galatea Fine Art Gallery in Boston, MA. After a twenty-year teaching career, she attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she studied painting.

Her Paintings are close views of the natural world - a view of tree, a slice of sky, clouds, birds, patterns of swimming fish or reflections on water. She layers oil paint over a chemically treated copper panel to create an optically complex surface. Light passes through some layers and reflects off of others to enhance an impression of atmosphere and luminescence. She enjoys the process of painting when her initial concept evolves and she must make decisions about color, form, texture and composition that lead to something that was unknown at the start.

She has shown her work throughout New England. Her paintings are included in The Institute of Global Environment and Society in Rockville, Maryland.

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